4 Kinds of Windshield Damage You Must Never Neglect

Your windshield can both offer a critical protector for you and your passengers and structural support for your car. However, when the glass experiences cracks or chips, your safety might be put in danger. Even if a lot of drivers consider doing car window replacement San Jose to fix the damage as an optional thing to do, taking care of windshield cracks and chips must never be discretional in the first place but rather essential. Read this article below to know about the 4 kinds of windshield damage that drivers must never choose to neglect and ignore if you want to prolong the usage of their windshield.  

Floater cracks 

Floater cracks just appear like edge cracks. But instead of happening close to the windshield’s perimeter, they usually emerge at least 2 inc. from the edge. Drastic fluctuations of temperature can simply result in floater cracks to extend. Hence, as soon as you can notice a forming floater crack, it’s essential to repair the windshield promptly. Once the floater cracks’ length exceeds 6 inches, it will be considered irreparable and will need a replacement.  

Star breaks 

A star break has the main impact point, which surrounds by tentacle-like and small cracks that spread outward. For minimal star breaks (usually 1 in. in diameter or less), windshield repair is the ideal option to do. But when the damage already spreads, it may be inevitable to have your auto glass replaced.  

Bullseye cracks 

Similar to what its bullseye name means, this damage appears similar to a dartboard bullseye when there is a precise impact point that usually looks circular in shape. Such cracks develop due to direct windshield impacts, which involve either large or small objects.  

Take note that a bullseye crack can spread fast especially when it’s under pressure. If this happens, it won’t just hinder your field of vision but take a toll on the glass’s structural integrity as well. Basically, windshield repair is potential for bullseye cracks, given that they: 

  • Don’t have debris or dirt ground into the crack 
  • Aren’t located directly in the line of sight of the driveway 
  • Have a diameter of 1 in. or less 

In terms of small bullseye cracks, it’s essential to repair auto glass immediately to prevent incurring more damage to your windshield. Once it undergoes an extreme bullseye crack, then it’s vital to immediately replace it.  

Edge cracks 

Usually, this issue starts within 2 inches of your windshield’s edge or widens all throughout the edge. Such cracks are commonly formed due to too much pressure all over your windshield, which usually spread 10 to 12 inches.  

Because of the edge crack’s extensive length, it can simply spread even under slight pressure, which makes it crucial to repair it as soon as possible. When your windshield got a small edge crack (less than 6 in. or so), then think about visiting a windshield repair expert right away before the damage becomes worse. A windshield replacement will basically be needed for edge cracks that are longer than approximately 6 inches.