Masonry structures are still popular in industrial, commercial, and residential construction. The technology and materials utilized in masonry incorporate a building’s thermal mass, soundproofing, fire-resistance, energy-efficiency, durability, and strength. But even though masonry structures have such advantages, they can still get damaged because of several reasons. Property owners must know the causes of this damage and collaborate with expert Bay Area masonry contractors to restore any issue. Here are the most common reasons why masonry structures get damage: 


Spalling happens once building stones or bricks fall from the masonry wall. This is an issue that happens because of the absorption of moisture, freezing, and thawing for a long time. Moreover, it can pose structural stress to your masonry wall.  


This is a structural issue that happens because of the corrosion of steel systems, insufficient anchors for lateral support, and thawing/freezing action. Displacement can cause masonry materials to shift, which requires the help of professional restoration contractors to fix this.  

Bond failure 

In masonry, stones and bricks should stay intact to make sure that a masonry structure is durable and strong enough. But one of the common issues in such construction is when these materials aren’t attached well. As a result, flaking top layers, hollow patches, peeling or bulging issues emerge.  


Masonry walls mostly face the problem of staining. Staining can be an expensive issue for homeowners who are particular about the curb appeal of their home. This issue happens when mortar or masonry materials and the elements come into contact. Aging walls and water seepage are the major causes of masonry staining.  


When it comes to masonry construction, cracks are among the usual issue it gets. Cracks can take place once a building settles od when there’s moisture penetration going on. Moreover, poor mortar preparation can cause the joints to crack as well. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes can also apply more pressure on foundation or masonry walls, resulting in cracks.  

Moisture penetration 

Moisture is one of the major threats of any masonry structure. When masonry walls are subjected to the elements, they can become absorbed by water easily. As a result, this can take a toll on their structural integrity. Water leaking into a stone wall or brick will also thaw and freeze and thus applying pressure on the whole structure. Not only water penetration can risk the masonry materials but also the assemblage that’s adjacent to it, such as windows, doors, metal, and wood. For these reasons, one of the most used restoration projects would be moisture control.   

If ever you have observed any of these issues in your own masonry buildings or structures, then never hesitate to contact a masonry restoration company today and ask for masonry restoration services to help you fix any issues you encounter as soon as possible before they get worse. Book for their service today and get a free estimate for your masonry restoration project within your place or you may contact us.