Things to Consider When Investing in Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets take a lot of space in the kitchen that’s why it can make or break your kitchen design. In choosing the cabinetry for your kitchen space, various factors contribute to it.  

Here are some factors you need to take into consideration before pushing through buying the cabinets for our kitchen. 

1. Kitchen Cabinet Category 

-Stock: This cabinet type is often produced in huge numbers and is available in various Home Depots. It is pre-assembled and easily installed. If you want a kitchen cabinet that is affordable, this is probably one of the most affordable in the market with convenience when it comes to installment on the side. However, if you go for this cabinet type, you may be limited with color and design options and delivery can be quite dragging.  

-Custom: This cabinet type is often for those who want to incorporate specific sizes in order to match the space they have in their kitchen. It is also beneficial to those who want to personalize style and color. If you are into molding, you will not be disappointed because customized cabinets are worked with great attention to detail. The downside to this cabinet type is the title you will need to wait for it to be finished. More than that, it can be quite pricey as well.  

-Semi-Custom: Semi-custom is simply a combination of stock and custom. Through the availability of extra details given to you, you can customize stock cabinets that are available. This is much more affordable compared to custom however it can also take a bit of time before delivery.  

2. Get help with sizing 

Cabinet sizing is a critical part of cooking the cabinets for your kitchen space. If you do not want to spend money to have your cabinets redone, you should have a professional measure the area as well as the cabinets for you. More than hat, you need to keep in mind the appliances of tool you will be putting into your cabinets to ensure everything fits perfectly.  

3. Framed or Frameless 

There are two options when it comes to giving your kitchen cabinet a good or extra design. 

-Framed: Framed cabinets have a box around it that can add an extra design to your cabinets. It is often exaggerated in size if your kitchen is spacious to add style on your kitchen however on not so spacious spaces, frames are slimmed down. Through slimming it down, you still have the design but with regards to the space of the kitchen.  

-Frameless: These cabinets do not have any frames and is directly connected with the drawers or the doors in the kitchen. Since it does not have a frame, it goes well with modern kitchen styles as well as those who want to go for contemporary.  

I’m sure you already know what you want your kitchen to look like, however to make sure that your cabinets go well with the whole design of your kitchen, it is best to have the idea as well as help of experts. Cabinet refacing San Jose knows all about your kitchen cabinet concerns. If you want some help regarding your kitchen cabinet needs, check out